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Live Shows Coming Up


2nd November 2011

So I have been back working on the 2nd album, so "The Singularity" is the way forward right now. One song that is straight off the presses for you to have a little listen to is right here, so have a shufti!



12 September 2011

I have been away for what feels like years, although it is only months. In that time I have recorded a few new tunes and been in the UK: Durham, London, Harrogate, Cardiff, Bridgend, Merthyr Mawr, Liverpool, Chester, Bath and no doubt some other places that I have overlooked!
What transpires is that unfortunately on return to Los Angeles, my wonderful drummer, Ryan from Tiger Blood has returned to Iowa. This means that the live performance thing is to be reconsidered, and is to look forward to the electronic side... Back to the club from the rock! The songs will still pour out in equal measure, but the live focus sways back!
Acoustic shows, however will still be me and real instruments!
The good good news is that the "Wetter" video is now pretty much done, and we should expect the finished version to be ready on the 1st of October... Hooray! A wait, but one well worth it.
Posted I will hopefully keep you (and me!)

There is a new song to keep you busy, if you care to experience it! It can be heard here: "Antigravity" is its name, and it is in part a tribute to Yuri Gagarin, the first Russian Cosmonaut...... x

7th June 2011

OK, so I am now at last owning the Blog thing. Not so good at it in the past I think now it is my diary. If I had dreamweaver on my iPhone things might get updated a lot quicker on my site, but I only have iBlogger, so maybe you can just check it out here at my Blog webpage if you like to catch my thoughts and musical developments.... I have recently been working hard on musical events and have essentially finished 3 new albums as well as working with Will and Siobhan on a film soundtrack that will eventually be featured in the soundtrack to trevor's new movie and sung by Alysson Paradis (Vanessa's sister.)

The album has come out and the reviews continue to be incredible, for which I am tremendously grateful. Check the "Press" page to catch up on my blessings!

I have also been adding many many new Youtube videos, so please check em out on my page: Julian's Youtube page

8th November 2010

So, if you would like to come to the show on wednesday 10th November, 2010 at Boardner's - Cherokee in Hollywood, please email list requests to:
you can have as many free guests as you like, as long as I have their names by 5pm on wednesday afternoon! Julian x

Some awsome news is that my new song: "Aubade" has just been used in the trailer for the movie "Mother's Day" out soon! Keep your eye out for the trailer. I have to be honest, this is so new that I have not seen it yet myself.....

18th October 2010

Yes, sporadic is the word, but the album is out, and you can buy it physically if you like! Please check main index page to email an order....

And check it out!


3rd September 2010

So once again, sporadic with my news and blogs and everything, but I hold in my hands the phsyical copy of the new album: "Coito Ergo Sum/Mus Ogre Otioc".
It looks pretty cool. The album is complete and there is a sceond disc of non-album EP tracks. It is now available for purchase from me on this website, and I just signed a distribution deal with KES distribution for physical availability in the shops USA and Japan wide.

There will be a show at the Mezz at the Alexandria Hotel on South Spring St in Downtown LA on Wednesday the 8th of September, where I will be debuting my new 3 piece live band with me on guitar and singing, Jorge on bass and Ryan on drums. We have been rehearsing songs from the album and some old drinkme tracks that work really well in a live capacity. I hope all those people who live in Los Angeles will be able to make it down, as the show is going to feature a great number of free album giveaways. Peace and Love to all of you.

4th June 2010

So I have not been as regular with this thing as I should be. Started a blog but found that life is what happens to you while you're making other plans. Anyway.....
I have been invited to play Glastonbury Festival this summer, which is incredible, although I have to find my own tickets, as it is completely sold out. This situation is the same as when I was encouraged to buy my own tickets when asked to play Burning Man. Sucks as I am trying my hardest to find the tix and it seems like I need to try even harder!

So our residency at the R Bar in Koreatown ended, as the band got good, got happy with the set and wanted to move on to play more "venue" type venues. Fair enough, I say. Onwards and upwards. I have been remixing and remaking old songs for the last couple of months. The release schedule is at least fixed up to the beginning of next year. The album is scheduled to get a download release on the 1st monday of september, but I think it is worth releasing vinyl. I love vinyl and think it is a format that should be resurrected.....

Maybe starting with a 7" single of Wetter a couple of months prior to a vinyl release of the album.... Let's see if I can afford to manufacture it! ;)

The film, "Prudence" (incluing my song and voiceover) is finally completed and I will be playing a show on 12th of June 2010 in support of the launch at the BEAUTIFUL Barnsdall art theatre on Hollywood. It is in a Frank Lloyd Wright designed space just off Hollywoord Blvd, and looks set to be a weird and wonderful night, knowing Rebeccah Nayery - (the director and good friend)

Oh, and the next EP is available for prerelease listening here:

PFC Impossible Things Records

24th January 2010

I am sure if you are reading this, you will have seen that I recently did an interview with E! about the experience of working with Joaquin Phoenix and Antony from Spacehog on their project (allegedly called "The Lady and the Tramp") I also made the quite controversial decision to do a version of one of the songs, "Cracked" which was done with love and respect, just so all the people who have approached me and asked to hear the album can get a kind of indication of what direction it was going in. I wish that the record could come out, as I am a big fan of the songs, and think that both J and A would be cast in a very good light by both the songs and the production of the recording. "like a cross between the Beatles, Bowie and Oasis" as I said on the interview.
You can read and experience the interview here:

I certainly hope that they don't take offence at my idiosyncratic approach, and version of the beautiful song. Anyhow, moving on.....

Next...... I have finished the tracklisting for the new EP, which is entitled "Blah Blah Blahnik" which will now precede "Fill Your Joys With Love" as it is going to coincide with my friend Antony Green's art displays of Imelda Marcos' famed shoe collection! The cover artwork is here:


PFC Impossible Things Records

28th December 2009

I am currently listening to the History Boys by Alan Bennett. Very funny in the vein of Peter Cook. Trying to get up the motivation to finish the new version of "Force Of Habit, which will feature on the 3rd EP I have planned, entitled "Maison d'etre" which will follow the next one, which is called "Fill Your Joys With Love" (a reference to the final scene of Romeo and Juliet). This one is a positive affirmation of my love of life, discovered recently.........

Below is the forthcoming cover art.PFC Impossible Things Records

I also Just finished a song for Rebecca Nayery's film "Prudence" which is called "The World inside" I am hoping it is going to be featured on her very lovely film prominently.....

1st December 2009:

I have been in England looking after my Grandmother and Mother in the wake of my stepfather's death. During the time I was away from LA, I started working a press campaign on the "Un Ange Passe" EP which is being released as a request of Jessica Shroy, whose sister, Christine Shroy-Hull passed away a week after I got home from my Stepfather's funeral.
She was a great inspiration and friend to me, so I am very saddened by both events. I hope the EP -
Un Ange Passe
is a fitting tribute to her and her boundless positivity and energy. You can download the EP from this website by clicking below and either donating or giving me $0. I just want the word out there, and would like for the iTunes release to inspire people on 1st January (my birthday) next year.

Un Ange Passe

PFC Impossible Things Records 

12th June 2009:

I am excited to be playing the LA Pride show on sunday at 5. The location is Santa Monica and Robertson, where my band will be playing the main stage. I have been working super hard to finish all the electronic backing tracks to make it a full on dark party. A cause that I feel strongly about is the right to have relations in whatever context as long as it is with consenting adults! If you can make it, it will be like Moscow show, which was, (for those who were lucky enough to get in) amazing....

11th Feb 2009:

I have just finished an ambient album under the name PFC It will be released soon on iTunes alongside the 2nd drinkme album, the first PFC record and "Coito Ergo Sum" This is likely to be held back until end of April now....


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