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Julian Shah-Tayler



LAMusicBlog Review of my 3 Clubs acoustic show 9th November 2011

The Three Clubs venue in Hollywood feels like a 1940s saloon, with its dark lighting, wooden panels, and vintage fixtures.
The round, modest stage sits in front of a red velvet curtain, giving a unique sense of intimacy and connection with the music.
Although Julian Shah-Tayler is commonly known as a prolific pianist, he began his set on guitar, seamlessly playing “Show Me Your Soul” while singing along in his sexy voice, which is just one aspect of the artist that is reminiscent of David Bowie.
From his pop music aesthetic to his sense of style, Julian seemed to be channeling Bowie’s spirit throughout the set.
The next song, “Overload,” which I think is my new favorite song, featured a hauntingly catchy melody and a smooth vocal echo that enhanced the lyrics, which “Candlelight” was a sexy number, punctuated by Julian’s equally sexy backup singer crooning throughout the choruses.
Julian switched to the piano for “Aubade,” another tune in which the artist’s high falsettos rang out strong and clear, and his acoustic take on “Wetter,” a fantastic pop song, left the lyrics “The wetter, the better, I want you, I want you” echoing in my head.
The timeless track “Beautiful World” will always be one of my favorite tunes, and Julian appropriately finished his set with Bowie’s “Life on Mars.” D

All Review of "Coito"

Coito Ergo Sum - Julian Shah-Tayler Album Review Julian Shah-tayler
Album Review
Categorizing artists, songwriters and musicians comes with reviewing territory, but Julian Shah-Tayler has mead an album of such bewildering depth and range, I've sort of given up trying to do so. Instead, I'll wade through the 21 songs (22 if you include the distorted extra track on disc one), without mentioning '80s pop, Brett Anderson (he looks a bit like him in one of the sleeve shots) or Dave Gahan (he sounds a bit like him on a few tracks - no really, he does).
What we have here are two discs, one called "Coito Ergo Sum", the other called "Mus Ogre Otioc", both bundled together as a limited-edition US release last year and finally due on these shores a full 12 months later.
Whilst not a household name either side of the Atlantic, Shah-Tayler has been rubbing shoulders as a songwriter and performer with a few glitterati, including Macy Gray, Siobhan Fahey, Cut Copy and even multi-footwear collecting Imelda Marcos.
Whilst this doesn't necessarily make for a pop career to us cynical Brits, I can conclude that this most cynical of writers (me) finds "Coito Ergo Sum" a rather intriguing prospect. Disc one is the stronger of the two with memorable synth and analogue-pop in the shape of "Revolution", "Communication" and "Evaporate" and a stone-cold hit called "Beautiful World".
In fact, there is little wrong with the rest of the first disc - it's a set of accomplished pop-songs dressed up with extravagant arrangements, without being as gaudy or pompous as Rufus Wainwright, excellent though he can be.
The accompanying second disc is less straight-forward, but does offer up some neat tunes, including "Christine", "(Melody) For You" and "Undefined", although the rest are little more than accomplished indie-pop - which is a rare thing, let me tell you.
Part of me does think that there's a truly great 12-track album here, but Shah-Tayler has been a brave boy and attempted a double-CD - it's worth a punt.
Overall, I can heartily recommend most of "Coito Ergo Sum" and its accompanying reverse-titled freebie, a respectable assortment of rather enjoyable pop-music.
Don't believe me? Check out the terrific "Lullabies", the last track on disc 2 - top music, top arrangement and top songwriting - this man means business.
Shah-Tayler needs to get himself over to the UK soon.
Paul Pledger

BabySue review of Coito Ergo Sum

Julian Shah-Tayler is a young man who has the potential to become a legendary superstar.
Folks into 1980s music by artists like David Bowie and Peter Murphy will find a lot to love here.
Mr. Shah-Tayler writes and records highly melodic, danceable, somewhat emotionally detached modern pop music.
Julian writes, performs, produces, and records his music entirely by himself...and yet the songs have the punch and clarity usually associated with a full blown rock band.
Songs are the real strength this man manages to come up with a mound of oughta-be hits.
There's a lot to take in here...twenty-one tracks of classy, classic pop perfection. We can't help but think that Julian Shah-Tayler could push his career to the next level by making one teensie tiny move.
We think this fellow should change his name to something more catchy and easy to remember.
If he were to come up with the right name...we have no doubt his career would instantly skyrocket.
Totally cool groove driven pop cuts include "Revolution," "Wetter" (this one is infectious), "Northern Light," "Show Me Your Soul," and "Lullabies."
Cool stuff. Top pick.

Obscure Sound blog 7/21/10

by Josh Taylor

Julian Shah-Tayler was born to make music. Putting out an EP every few months and pumping out 50-70 songs a year is no easy feat, unless you show prevalently the aspects of a well-rounded musician.
His robust musicianship is responsible for his versatility as an artist. Julian is a songwriter who creates for his heart’s content. He strays from songwriting conventions and isn’t afraid to experiment if it amuses his untypical sensibilities. Julian’s songs distinctly belong to their maker.
Un Ange Passe is very personal and all the songs on the EP (with the exception of “Wetter”) were written for a dearly departed friend of Julian’s who tragically passed away. The literal translation of the title “Un Ange Passe” is “an angel is passing”, but is usually used when an awkward silence falls over the room.
The EP tells a brief and interesting story about what happened to Christine. Julian tells it well, as the story is endearing and stripped down to the most honest details. Instead of diving into the story headfirst, the EP begins with “Wetter.” The songs on the EP are sandwiched by “Wetter” and the remix of “Wetter” by Karl Leiker.
This song is definitely the black sheep… uptempo, naughty lyrics and electro influence. The feel of the song is great and could be a radio hit.
The second song on Un Ange Passe is “Everything Is You”, serving as a good transition into the rest of the EP, which is more relaxed musically. The song begins with finger-snapping, chimes and some elusive and wandering exotic-sounding instruments. Then it develops a direction and chooses to take on a New Order/Depeche Mode feel. The nameless exotics remain, lending a curious tone. “Communication” resembles the sparse feel of a desert. It’s expansive (at 5 and a half minutes) and filled with many instrumental breaks. The track lulls and winds. All I know is that when I listen to it, I start to space out. If Julian wanted “Communication” to have a daydream-inducing effect, then bravo — well done, because that is exactly what happens.
“Christine” is where the EP starts to come together and the song clearly lays out what exactly happened to his late friend of the same name. Make what you want of the other songs and interpret them as you wish, but here is what happened, Julian seems to say. Musically, “Christine” brings to mind The Smiths “How Soon Is Now?” and has the same pensive inquiry. One of the most striking and revealing lyrics is “as the kiss of the needle delivers you to the real world” followed by this lyric in the bridge “even if this life could give you all the love you need, I guess you had enough.” The verdict: overdose.
Un Ange Passe occupies a certain estranged darkness, but it is only when the listener gets to “Christine” that I feel they can go back and find its lingering presence in the background of the entire EP. Perhaps that misplaced discomfort is the awkwardness that the album title also refers to. Still, the way the song is handled is half ode, half something else that I can’t quite pin down. For a song written for a close friend the song isn’t particularly sentimental, which is odd to me.
However, I think those feelings find their way into the next song “Lullabies.” From what I heard, “Lullabies” was written for Julian’s future daughter. But the listener is also led to believe that perhaps the song’s tender message is intended for Christine as well. The lullaby soothes the listener as well as the singer, perhaps reminding him that everything will be fine and there really is nothing to be afraid of during the night, and maybe in death…
Whatever the ultimate purpose of Un Ange Passe is, it can be listened to in many different ways. Julian is adventurous with his artistic choices and presents his subject matter though a twisted lens.
This is not to say that his method is perverse, but rather aiming for artistic perfection on his own terms. Some say that’s a nifty idea. I would say it’s better than nifty, or original, or clever. I would say the whole EP is a noble effort.
Too many musicians make music to turn a quick buck but lack the vision to make something worthwhile.
Others write for their heart’s content, yet lack the talent to make sophisticated music. Julian, however, is the best of both. He is talented and passionate.
One last thing I noticed: None of these songs showcase Julian’s piano talents, but word on the street is that his full-length debut does. Entitled Coito Ergo Sum, it is due in the fall. So keep an eye out, or an ear rather.

Musical Fruitcake "Electricity"Posting

12.20.2010 09 – Julian Shah-Tayler – Electricity
Categories: MF2010, MF2010 - Dave's Tracks
I laugh when I think of Julian as a local artist, since he’s originally from England, however his music is fresh and exciting with a rock edge that keeps things real.
The love child of David Bowie and Peter Murphy, Julian is the local artist that should already be famous.
I actually had a hard time figuring out which song I should pick from this eclectic collection, he’s that good.

Keds Interview

With our UCLA event just two days away, let’s take a look at another all-star musician that will be gracing the “How Do You Do?” stage.
Meet Julian Shah-Tayler of Tiger Blood, a London-gone-LA local who you can see at 12pm on UCLA’s Wilson Plaza between the Student Activities Center and Kaufman Hall.
How do you do inspiration?
My music is my diary of the events and thoughts of my life.
I tend to write about people that inspire me, events that shock me, how I want to express my feelings to others without having to come out directly to their faces sometimes.
It is a cathartic moment to encapsulate a particular feeling within a little musical box…
How do you do Los Angeles?
LA is very different to London, the people love life and the sun is (mostly) shining! It is always good to know people here, as the city is very spread out, but once you know the little secrets, such as great live music venues and wonderful modern architecture, you will grow to love it. People in shops and restaurants are very smiley, which is definitely not the case in Europe so much!
What is your favorite place in LA to see live music?
The Hollywood Bowl is the best place to see music in the world FULL STOP. A great sound system, history, location. Everything. One day we will be on that stage! How did you and your band come together?
I was playing with an electronic lineup and I got fed up with the backing track thing, so when I bumped into Ryan and George who run a studio (Pure Rock in Whittier) it was a match made in heaven. They brought the ROCK back out of me. Chris has been playing with me on and off for years, so he was a natural to come and augment the lineup!
How did you get started in music?
My Grandmother was a music teacher and my mother was an opera singer, so they had me singing and playing the piano before I could talk. Rock music was a new thing to me when I left school after years of classical training. I just adore the lifestyle, touring and meeting new people, making people happy with the music. At least that is the plan!

Rebel Riffs Review of "Wetter"

Hear The Track Here Over the 14 or so years I have been reviewing like this, one thing is perfectly clear; when you've got it, you've got it.
Whether actual fame (and its attendant riches and b******) is the end result is - as usual - down to pure luck.
For sure, the bulk of the musicians I review are definitely classifiable as unsigned, and many of them (say 99.999%) will probably remain that way.
Some, however, will make their own way out of the unsigned world and some - like Julian Shah-Tayler - are pretty much there.
Talking RW music business now, and this is something I do know about. What makes that business work is a) talent (natch) b) image c) ability and d,e,f, and ******* g are all contacts, contacts. contacts.
Its not what you know, it's who you know. When you can throw names around like Alan McGee, Siobhan Fahey and Joaquin Phoenix, as well as being totally involved with the second Whitey album (it sez here), then I'd say you have all the bases covered.
But all you guys want to know about is the music, right?
Judging from the man's biography I would have expected nothing less than aural perfection and Wetter doesn't pull any punches, its as good as it gets. See if you have all your ducks in a row, so to speak, what else do you need?
A cracking song is wot.
Wetter is that and then some, but it took me a while to really recognise it. See, there's a strange element at play here in the arrangement and it takes a while to bed in, but when it does......momma.....
Musically Julian sounds like some cleverly concocted distillation of the last 30 years of rock pop, mixed with the musical insanity that is a big feature of modern music and buffed and polished to a fine pitch.
All of which, to my ears, spells success, and in a big way too.
Julian Shah-Tayler has the style, the image and the musical and technical ability to look and sound like the star he should become.
Mind you, as you can imagine from the song title, this is a bit naughty so probably best not to play it around Granny or your nervous new girlfriend, but other than that this track should be consumed in large quantities at regular intervals.
The wetter, the better, know what I mean? Very high class indeed. MUST HAVE rock alternative.

Ramonosaurus Rex review of "Coito Ergo Sum"

"Julian Shah-Tayler’s cool, suave vocals are featured exceptionally well on Coito Ergo Sum, the Los-Angeles-based artists’ debut full-length.
His affecting and urbane timbre ooze charm and charisma...
Tracks like Saltwater and Roman Tower allow for contemplation with enjoyment as tender keys convey utmost sentiment and emotion with a beauty that is rarely seen in music today:
a refined and poised sound that is neither underdone nor restrained; a sophistication that knows it’s limits but does exceedingly well within it’s capabilities. It is a musical grace that is simple but incredibly artistic, subtle but highly impacting. Julian Shah-Tayler can write one heck of a song, the sense of rhythm and his competent proficiency at crafting artfully exquisite melodies is brilliant.
Outstanding is a word the songs on Coito Ergo Sum know very well, indeed; the vivid intensity of tracks like Electricity and Roman Tower are amazing...
The enthralling keys produce a lush atmosphere of sheer, stunning beauty, the greatest of which is plainly displayed on Roman Tower: a soft but touching piano intro with angelically complementary strings harmonize impeccably with Shah-Tayler’s distorted, lo-fi-esque vocals and effortless falsetto.
All in all, a terrific listen: vast amounts of pure beauty skillfully draped with the trappings of remarkable melodies and competent rhythms." Ramonosaurus Rex


Say What You Want
When I first heard this track I was drawn in by the guitar riffs and pulsating beats. It's somewhat intoxicating with its indistinct poetry which discloses the lies that are said about you and when you pretty much stopped letting it affect you.
"You say what you want about me I hear nothing at all That tongue telling lies about me Just can't hurt me at all" I can easily see this track being used on HBO's True Blood, I can imagine it now...
The music starts and you see a vampire with blood dripping from his lips as he moves onto his next victim. Did I mention the vampire is Eric Northman? (For all you True Blood Fans) That might help with the visual...
This music screams SEXY to me. It's the beat I guess.
Anyhow, I highly recommend this track! Take a listen for yourself and correct me if I am wrong, but I doubt you will!


There are a lot of musicians and artists in the world, but the thing is we only ever get to know certain ones.
Many of these talented folks are responsible for supporting the popular faces in music, serving as members of a backing band. In other cases, these musicians serve as the songwriters and producers for hit songs that other artists carry on to become hit singles.
Case in point, Linda Perry was a member of one-hit wonders 4 Non Blondes with the song "What's Up." Since that band dissolved back in 1995, Perry has made a name for herself as a hit songwriter and producer, penning songs like Pink's "Get the Party Started," Christina Aguilera's "Beautiful" and "Candyman," and Gwen Stefani's "What You Waiting For?" Julian Shah-Tayler is another one of those behind-the-scenes players.
He has been involved with Siobhan Fahey (ex Shakespeare’s Sister/Bananarama), Courtney Love, Joaquin Phoenix, Whitey, drinkme, Adamandevil, Bunny, Piel, Xerox, PFC and many more playing guitar, bass, and keyboards as well as serving as a producer. And, like most musicians in his position, he makes great music outside of his work with the more well-known artists.
In fact, you most likely have heard Julian's music before without even knowing it. His work has been featured in the films "Penelope" and "The Golden Age" as well as various television programs. If there's anything that can be said about Julian's music, it's that it is versatile.
He is capable of effortlessly switching genres, from classical to electronica to rock, without ever coming across as though he's stepping outside the limits of his talent -- a true musical chameleon.
You can hear a universal diversity in his music, almost as if his music is a sort of melting pot of different cultures. And that's unsurprising when you consider Julian was born and raised on both sides of the Atlantic. Julian Shah-Tayler writes, performs, produces, and records all his music himself.
He has a clear view of how he wants his music to form and how every instrument can help realize his vision.
And when you consider how prolific he's been over the past few years, constantly releasing music, it seems only fitting to call him a natural talent. Music is not so much something he tries to make as much as it is something that exits his body like air from his lungs.
Below, you can listen to two songs from his EP, Un Ange Passe. As demonstrated by these two cuts from the EP, the music is haunting, captivating, and incredibly personal (it was written for a dear friend that passed away)._ A song from his Blah Blah Blahnik EP. Fast-paced drums drive this song that's carried by '80s, post rock-style guitars.
Show Me Your Soul by Julian Shah-Tayler A song from his new LP, Coito Ergo Sum. This cut recalls Different Class-era Pulp.
Electricity by Julian Shah-Tayler “The feeling when I have finished a song beats anything except the excitement that comes across peoples' faces when you play something you know has connected on a deep level with them. All I want is people to enjoy the music." - Julian Shah-Tayler

Eat Sleep Breathe Music Live review

Julian Shah-Tayler at Boardner’s November 18, 2010 By Sheena Share Last Wednesday I found myself at the swank yet dank Boardner’s for a performance by Julian Shah-Tayler.
I’ve mentioned Julian’s interesting brand of high-brow low-brow music before when he released his song “Wetter.”
If you haven’t checked it out, I highly recommend it. Musically, Julian’s style is all over the place. He mixes a little rock and electronic elements with some piano pieces, but his polished attitude remains throughout.
He’s sort of the artsy rebel type and it really comes through in his performance. Anyway, the beginning of the set got off to a weird start.
I’m not sure what the song was called but it didn’t grab me from the get go and come to think of it, it didn’t fit in with the rest of the set either.
The part of the show that I really enjoyed was when he played “Wetter” (obviously) and “Beautiful World.”
Not only was the crowd really into it but “Beautiful World” has a brilliant piano intro. I also found that his songs sound different live.
His sound has a grittier edge that’s missing from the album. I wish he’d bring that out more. Check out his new album Coito Ergo Sum or find him here (but I suggest you turn off the volume before you do, it’s intense)

Such Cool Stuff Interview

As an accomplished Producer, Engineer, DJ, and all around musical chameleon, Julian Shah-Tayler has created an illustrious career gigging and writing records for himself and others.
Shah-Tayler’s brand of rock with electronic elements falls somewhere in the New Wave/Indie category but has also been referred to as “sophisticated avant-pop.”
His EPs Un Ange Passe and Blah Blah Blahnik are available on for free download or donation and are supporting the debut album Coito Ergo Sum due to released in the fall of 2010.
The diverse body of work that Julian has amassed in various guises and collaborations is striking.
Previously, Julian has worked directly with Joaquin Phoenix, Siobhan Fahey (Bananarama), Kerli, Oki-Dog, Spider, Fort King, Bethia Beadman (Courtney Love), JC Chasez, and Violet Flames to name a few.
In addition, he also played guitar in 'Whitey' co writing the smash hit “Wrap It Up” which has been featured in Whip It, GTA 4, Sopranos, Kyle XY and CSI Miami. Shah-Tayler’s experience and expertise as a musician are backed by years of touring, studio time, and dedication to his craft.
As a DJ, Julian has remixed Marina Celeste (Nouvelle Vague), Cut Noblesse Oblige, Nemo, Aphletik, Superstudio, Psycho Project, Bloodcat Love, Fort King, drinkme, among others and has DJed worldwide in clubs from The Razzmatazz in Barcelona, the Maria in Berlin, Death Disco/Kill All Hippies/Transmission/The Queen is Dead/The Secret Door in London, Happy Endings in New York, and Standard Hotels in Los Angeles.

How do you describe your music to people?
I would like to say "eclectic" and mostly informed by rock, electronic and classical. Tell me about how you originally got into your craft. My grandmother was a music teacher, and she taught me how to sing and made me practice very hard on the piano, violin and trumpet each day from when I was 5, then sent me to boarding school at Durham Cathedral to join the choir. I guess that was where it all started. I read somewhere that Prince (who was my favourite artist for many years) had played something like 27 instruments on record so I made it my job to surpass that number, which I am pleased and not a little embarrassed to say I have done. I am NOT however saying that I play all those instruments particularly well...... I was always in bands to meet people and get out there on stage.

What is your favorite thing to do in the whole wide world?
Watch a fantastic movie in an art gallery whilst eating a gourmet vegetarian indian dinner with a glass of director's selection Coppola wine.

What is your biggest challenge when it comes to running your business?
The marketing aspect is one of the most time consuming and ongoing processes that challenges any artist. If no one knows about the product/artist, no one is going to buy the music. I have most definitely invested more money than I have made in this business so far. Especially on the new album. I spend most of my time doing interviews and uploading to various sites!

When you were a kid, what did you think you were going to be when you grew up?
A Rockstar Doctor.

In what way has your community impacted your development as a musician? My move to Los Angeles from London has definitely influenced my music in a positive way. I seem to write from a much more "happy" and light place since living in the sun. London was a dark place for me for a lot of the time, as I was surrounded by drugs and crazy people constantly. I think the culture here is a lot less open minded though. London is informed by all sorts of people and cultures, whereas Los Angeles is more segregated in terms of localities and musical influence. I think you are either "rock" or "Hip Hop" here. I live with a couple of enormously talented musicians here as well, so I am always surrounded by noise and melodies, which can't help but seep in.....

What other artists out there do you love?
Piel, Matthew Dear, The Cure, David Bowie, John Lennon, Jane's Addiction, Joanna Newsom, Kate Bush, Prince, The Beatles, LCD Soundsystem, Wagner, Benjamin Britten, Jeff Buckley, Cocteau Twins, Fleetwood Mac, Fort King, Ruthann Friedmann, Japan, Johnny Cash, MNDR, New Order, Nirvana, Underworld, Portishead, Queens Of the Stoneage, Scott Walker, Sonic Youth, Suede, The Verve, Yeasayer, !!!, Adam Ant, Air, Orbital, Emiliana Torrini, Michael Jackson, Mediaeval Baebes, Miranda Sex Garden, Sisters Of Mercy, Leonard Cohen, Morrissey, The Smiths, Moloko, Mozart, Muse, Angelo Badalamenti, My Bloody Valentine, Neil Young etc. etc.

What does your future hold?
International superstardom. Happiness. Love. A loft in New York. A beachside mansion in Venice, California. A townhouse in Primrose Hill, London. World peace. World domination. Enlightenment. Possibly waking up!

The Deli Mag review of Coito Ergo Sum

Julian Shah-Tayler is no stranger to writing and producing pop music.
His career has lent itself to collaborations with Joaquin Phoenix, Siobhan Fahey (Bananarama), Kerli, and Whitey to name just a few.

You may have even seen him DJing sets at the Standard Hotel here in town.

With a schedule like his, it's a wonder that he even has time for a solo career. Well he does and his first proper release, Coito Ergo Sum, is due later this year.

Shah-Tayler's solo material falls somewhere in-between rock and new wave with synth and drum machine feeling just as cozy on the recording as his guitar work. The Deli was passed along a copy of the upcoming album to take a listen to, and there is definately some stand out work.

The track "Wetter" is reminiscent of the tongue-in-cheek sexual lyrics made famous by Prince and recently resurrected by bands like She Wants Revenge.

"Beautiful World" and "Roman Tower" are two delicate tracks that throws in a hint of piano ballad into the album.

Things pick up with the driving rhythm and slightly more industrial feel of "Say What You Want", but Shah-Tayler doesn't stray too far from his 80's influences by sticking in some brass samples in as well.

If you're trying to lure your friends to the dark side that is indie music, or maybe you're trying to fill a spot in your collection next to David Bowie's work from the 80s, then Julian Shah-Tayler is accessible, intelligent, and skilled.

You'll have to wait a bit longer for Coito Ergo Sum, but his two previous EPs, Un Ange Passe and Blah Blah Blahnik, are available on for free download or donation.

-Angelo Lorenzo

Beehive Candy review of Blah Blah Blahnik

We have featured Julian Shah-Tayler before here on Beehive Candy and having listened to his latest EP 'Blah Blah Blahnik' are delighted to do so for a second time.

Julian is one busy individual, having recently been interviewed by E!, featured in the Huffington Post and performing as part of his ongoing residency with Macy Gray and Rolan Bolan at Prince's favourite Hollywood haunt, Bardot.

He has also seen his songs featured in three independent films: "Whip It" (Whitey), "Youthful Journeys", "Prudence" and he also soundtracked an Australian Television show: "West Coast Diaries".

He also signed a publishing deal for the debut album of his band "Adamandevil" His new live band debuted for Angie Bowie and Roy Rogers at their enormously successful Haiti benefit show.

He has also been invited to perform this summer in Manila for Imelda Marcos as part of an art extravaganza based on her infamous shoe collection.
This was the inspiration behind the lead off track on his new solo EP "Blah Blah Blahnik" - "Show Me Your Soul" (spot the play on words).

OK you may ask but what about the music?

Well I have to say having been very impressed with the last release, this latest offering is perhaps even stronger.

Great songs, and excellent musicianship and production make Julian a likely contender for much bigger status in the music industry.

The song's Electricity & Blood Destiny have to be my favorite's on the EP, lets hope they reach a much wider audience.

Mojophenia review of Blah Blah Blahnik

Julian Shah-Tayler - Blah Blah Blahnik E.P

"An EP including the song: "Show Me Your Soul" dedicated to Imelda Marcos, and her legendary shoes".

The amount of material that Julian has recorded in various guises and heady collaborations over the last few years is simply impressive.

The self publicised E.P`s seem to be his current passion, the range of vocal style and diversity turns this sophisticated avant-pop into sleek studio perfection.

You would certainly expect the new album `Coito Ergo Sum` to be a scattering of recent E.P highlights, remixes and the synergy of this multi-instrumentalist`s chameleon persona.

I have one of those feelings though, Julian Shah-Tayler`s contemporary vision and classic influences will produce a marvellous Hunky Dory or a post punk visual counterpoint.

Sure, when some artists understand instrumentation and master their digital age, the overall advantage can be forgotten, confessional limitations come into force and all too soon the blinkers remain permanent.

Julian Shah-Tayler portrayal of the music industry is refreshing, an artist whose work is frequently within my earshot.

Boom Boom Chik Interview

Julian Shah-Tayler is a solo artist who writes, produces and performs all his own music.

He released an EP, Un Ange Passe, back in January and another one, Blah Blah Blahnik, in March.

What amazed me about his music was how different the first EP was form the 2nd. I liked his sound so much that I felt I needed to ask him a few questions about his musical experiences.

Read the interview below as well as check out a new track from his latest EP below. enjoY!

Julien Shah-Tayler – Force of Habit

How did you first get into music?

I was 5 and my Grandmother decided that I should learn piano/trumpet and join the local church choir (Saint Wilfred’s in Harrogate, England). She had been a music teacher before she got married, and missed teaching little ones.My mother was also a singer, and had withdrawn from the opportunity to join the Welsh National Opera to have me…. so she encouraged me to sing in front of my school from 3 years old. I went on to sing professionally at Durham Cathedral Choir at 7, also joining the orchestra and playing the organ in the evensong services.

What influences do you mainly draw from in your music?

Most of the influences I have are from life rather than music. I appreciate the sentiments that certain sounds evoke, and I try my hardest to convey emotion as much as possible. It is a constant quest to encapsulate a particular circumstance or contain a catharsis of some kind. As far as musical influences, I love Radiohead, David Bowie, Scott Walker, Bjork, Roxy Music, Adam Ant, The Verve, The Beatles, Prince, Aphex Twin, Orbital, recently – Animal Collective, Yeasayer, and I must say the new Whitey album is absolutely brilliant…… Even though there are none of the songs we recorded together on it. He totally surpassed my wildest expectations!

You have just released your latest EP, Blah Blah Blanik, preceded by Un Ange Pass back in January, each album is different musically, how do you come up with the theme for each EP?

The first EP – “Un Ange Passe” was a dedication to my friend, Christine who died of a heroine overdose.
She inspired or appreciated the songs on it very much, so I ceded to her family’s request to release a song I wrote in response to her death collected with her favourite songs as my first release, with a picture of her on the cover. She was a wonderful individual and I miss her every day. That is perhaps why the song selection was very diverse in style.
The “Blah Blah Blahnik” EP is another “conceptual” piece in that it is dedicated to Imelda Marcos, the ex premiere of the Philippines. I must explain, as I understand David Byrne has stolen my thunder on that one! My friend Antony Green, who is an artist has put together an exhibition of paintings of Imelda’s shoes (with her permission) and he asked me to write a song to accompany the promotion of the exhibit.
That song was “Show Me Your Soul” which I wrote after reading a very diverse and illuminating cross section of her quotations and critics. She is a very interesting person. The songs for that one were also designed to be a little more homogeneous than the previous EP, kind of to prove that I could do something a little more cohesive, although the reaction has been that it is just as “diverse” as UAP!
I never have a template when it comes to writing music, so I am glad to stay outside the pigeon holes…. Seems like you have tons of music you are sitting on, How much music do you have? How many albums do you plan to release this year? I have a lot of music. I write every day whether it be for my solo project or for Adamandevil which is my band with my best friend, Scott.
For that project, we probably have around 15 songs ready for an album, whereas for my own material (including old “band” songs- drinkme, Magic House) I probably have around 400 songs written, 50 or so will ever see the light of day!
I write/produce with other artists and remix as well. I also record electronic/ambient music of which there are probably another 50. (Very Experimental, and only for the really interested!)
This year, there are 4 EPs done and one album for the solo material. My biggest problem is my impatience to get out there and play shows, as I miss touring around the world. That requires me having a body of material that people actually WANT to hear!

Do you think the concept of an album is important these days?

Absolutely. I think the recent development of the “shuffle” generation has galvanized music into two different musical listener types. The passionate fan (read Radiohead fans…) and the casual dipper (read Justin Bieber) An album with a “concept” like “In Rainbows” or “Ziggy Stardust” will always weather repeated listens as the concept of those records is coupled with a meticulous attention to detail and a thread that binds the songs beyond their individual natures. A simple collection of songs thrown together will never resonate emotionally in the same way. I am not referring specifically to the whole “Yes” or “Pink Floyd” concepts, which can be overweening on the actual music, but I like cohesion, and the desire should be there to listen all the way through.

Has the blog-o-sphere helped your music career? Personal career?

I really appreciate the affirmation and the new people who get to hear the music, because I realize that I COULD make music in a vacuum for the rest of my life waiting for the mythical record deal, or film placement that would propel me to fame, fortune and dating Shannyn Sossamon, but I prefer the idea of reaching people who I can touch in some way emotionally, or just make them dance. It is one of the most valuable outlets that an individual can have to communicate with people outside the bedroom….. My experience of it so far has been so nurturing and helpful that I feel like at least I am appreciated somewhere! I don’t buy print press anymore, I read blogs everyday, and if I am anything to go by, I guess it must be increasingly the most important conduit to music lovers at the very least!

Superman or Batman?

Batman, hands down. (mainly for the outfit/movies)

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Back When We Were Beautiful Review of BBB

You can download your copy of Blah Blah Blahnik for FREE right here (or offer a donation) in advance of its 1st May release date on iTunes.

Below I've included a track-by-track guide.

Show Me Your Soul - A great hooky electro/rock number that sounds really fresh and now. The vocals sound wicked against the grooving drums and great sounding guitars, this song sounds like a hit. There's a cool synth journey in the second verse and the backing vocals in the chorus add a real depth to the track.

Force of Habit - The guitar work on this EP really shines through; the overall sound of the music has a far grittier edge than what I've heard from Julian before. This song is packed with great guitar-riff work; his voice is deep and sensual which reminds me of Ville Valo (HIM) against a cool upbeat background.

Butterfly - This is a real pub-rock anthem; chugging electric guitars, poppy drums and a real singalong chorus. The Lo-Fi feel after the first chorus is cool and I like the synth/guitar notes pushing against the straight grooves throughout the second verse. The guitar break after the second chorus is cool but I'd love for it to really push for centre stage with a huge solo on top of the mix; it just sits equal to everything else, show it off and take the song home!

Electricity - A virtuoso piano part sets the scene, differing itself from the dance-rock feel that the track's predecessors showcased. A calmer piano-driven ballad was exactly what the doctor ordered for track four and Julian's vocals sound great on this track. A really nice song.

Blood Destiny - We're sticking with the calmer feel again with this track which is nice; I'm in that mood thanks to the previous track. When the track gets going I love the drums with the acoustic guitar and Julian's deep vocals really top it off nicely. It's not a real stand-out track but is great in its own right; the track builds cleverly and the acoustic guitar work is top class.

Say What You Want (Jason Air remix) - A real grooving dance track to cap off the EP in style; it's a perfect ending. The track is a real foot-tapper featuring great samples and some wicked beats. It's eclectic and odd and this is what makes it perfect; it's a real cooking pot of ideas.

Overall it's a great display of Julian's talents and of his variety in music making. The EP is a real musical journey; taking us from grooving pop rock, chilling out with some more mellow tracks and finishing with a real rave of a tune. I urge you to download the EP now!

Back When We Were Beautiful Interview

Q&A with Julian Shah-Tayler

I've secured a Q&A session with the previously featured artist Julian Shah-Tayler. Read below as he discusses working with Joaquin Phoenix, where he takes inspiration from to write and what's new for him right now. Enjoy!

Hi Julian, it's great to be able to send some questions your way. Firstly, the one I'm sure all my readers are dying to know about; how did working with Joaquin Phoenix come about? How was it?

So my friend Scott (Adamandevil) and I moved across to Los Angeles from England around the same time, and met up with an old friend, Alan McGee (Creation Records boss) who used to manage "Whitey" (my old band) to discuss him supporting our music with his new label. Alan had previously set us up with an audition for Courtney Love (another story!) and mentioned that he was considering managing a famous actor, whose new material was amazing. That actor turned out to be Joaquin. Scott and I recorded and played with him for around 2 weeks, in which time we recorded on around 8 songs. (I played piano and percussion and contributed vocals) alongside Antony Langdon, (Spacehog) on main vocals. The project was rehearsed with Wildcat Will on drums, but never ended up going to a live format, as Joaquin was called to do another movie and the momentum fizzled, Alan went back to live in retirement in Wales. Joaquin was an experience to work with. His type of crazy comes with an enormous amount of creative flair and much more focus than people give him credit for. His songwriting (I understand in collaboration with Antony) is very tasteful and I love the songs.

Blah Blah Blahnik takes on a variety of musical genres compared with Un Ange Passe which tended to stick to just one. Why did you feel the need to mix it up on your latest offering?

I don't think that is the case at all. The "Un Ange Passe" EP is more diverse by far than BBB. It varies from complete electronica to very organic and "real" instruments. Compare "Lullabies" to "Wetter" from the UAP ep, and I think you will see the massive gulf! I think BBB is much more homogenous comparatively. I deliberately made the second EP sound "raw" and "rock" to illustrate that I could be more consistent in style than the first one. I have a completely electronic EP in the pipeline as well as a totally live recorded one as well as the finished album.... Most of the artists I love have always managed to straddle different genres.

What is it about writing music that makes you want to keep doing it, and when did you first decide this was the career path for you?

I love music, and have been singing professionally since I was 5 years old. I tried to quit, and worked in TV for a while. Much much more money, but I realised that I was not happy with the results psychologically, and I care very little for money per se. I live for the audience. I love the fact that in the context of one song, you can reach people on both an emotional and physical level at once. It is scientifically postulated that any concept can be articulated and memorised much more easily when set to music. The feeling when I have finished a song beats anything except the excitement that comes across peoples' faces when you play something you know has connected on a deep level with them.....

Where do you take inspiration from when writing your music and lyrics?

Everything and everywhere. My life. My music is my diary and my secret lovers and my open book and my own soul laid out for everyone to experience and interpret and for me to remember and reappraise on each subsequent listen. A song that has a genuine resonance with me will always have a much more important life than any other song. If it means something to me, it means something to people that are listening. One important lesson I had to learn!

'Show Me Your Soul' is a great track. How and where did that begin life?

Thank you! Actually that song has had a very long and troubled birth. My friend, Antony Green is an artist in life and paint. He recently met Imelda Marcos, the ex premiere of the Phillippines. She is very famous for two things: shoes and mismanagement of the Phillippines. Antony is preparing an exhibition of shoe paintings with her permission. He asked me to write the soundtrack to the exhibition and specifically a song that would accompany the event as a multimedia portion of the press campaign. Subsequently, I read a lot about Imelda; her thoughts and writing. I chose to focus on her intentions as a great figurehead who was misinterpreted by (or misinterpreted) the people she was representing. She has a very interesting and very thoughtful soul that could be said to be lost in the shuffle in the wake of her deposition from the ruling position. Understand that she was one of the most powerful people in the world for a long time, and an icon of feminine power for so many worldwide. The song, I wrote in one Los Angeles night in november last year, and finished it the next day.

How do you feel about the music industry in general at the moment? Are you excited or anxious for its current state and future?

I am excited, as it enables people like me (with no label support and no desire to be creatively straitjacketed by other peoples' opinion on what will "sell" ) to make music instinctively without the pigeonholes that ruin the inspiration that make it desirable in the first place.

What's new for you at the moment, and what does the future hold?

New for me is the pleasure of producing for other people, as my debut was very well received and I am being approached all the time to work with other artists to arrange, record and produce their songs. I also put a new band together recently, and we have a residency at the R Bar in Koreatown, Los Angeles so we can build the live show to the best of our ability...... The future is today. One of my new songs, and a lyric that I love : "If tomorrow's what you want, then today is what you need. The future's always sliding out of reach......." I wish to carry on doing what I enjoy - making music and making love.

Finally, can you tell us a secret?

The secret is that everything you could ever want or be is within you. Each moment contains the fabric of every moment that is or ever was. Realise that, and nothing will ever challenge you again.

A really wonderful piece of philosophy to round-off a great interview. I hope you enjoyed it :) Posted by Samborakid at 06:18

Liberty London Girl mention

Hands down, one of my most oldest and most talented friends is the musician Julian Shah Tayler.

Even when we were teenagers Julian was stupidly good – he sang, played guitar & piano and has gone on to write & produce all his own music. Last spring, I stayed for a while in the large rambling house in LA where he lives, and got to hear a lot of the work he is now releasing.

Before moving to LA, he toured & recorded with Whitey for three years, and now also writes for & plays in his band Adamandevil with his old bandmate Scott Fairbrother. He has lots of brilliant stories about working as a session musician with artists I can’t possible name but recently let slip to a journalist that he worked with Joaquin Phoenix on a brilliant album that will probably never see the light of day.

His latest solo single, “Un Ange Passe” was released on the 1st of January and is available on iTunes here and for free download via donation here, and his debut album, “Coito Ergo Sum” is due for release later on this spring on Impossible Things Records Do check it out.

Bomarr Blog Review

Julian Shah-Tayler has some experience under his belt. Not only was he a member of Bomarr Blog favorites Whitey, but he recorded an album with Joaquin Phoenix. He’s also gotten some praise from David J of Bauhaus. “Wetter” is from his Un Ange Passe EP that he recently released and dedicated to the memory of his friend Christine Shroy-Hull. This is a straight up, extremely catchy pop song that is sure to get Julian even more praise. You can stream or buy his music over at his Bandcamp page.


E! online interview

Inside Joaquin Phoenix's "Brilliant" Long-Lost Album

Thu., Jan. 21, 2010 3:50 PM PST by Natalie Finn and Lindsay Miller

Long before it was all about the beard, it was all about the music.
More than a year before Joaquin Phoenix set a new standard for lethargy on Letterman and said he was abandoning the movie biz to pursue a career in hip-hop, the Oscar-nominated actor wrote and recorded what sounds like a masterpiece.

"He's a Beatles, Oasis, Bowie-style songwriter. I hold it in that high esteem,"
L.A. musician Julian Shah-Tayler, who collaborated on the album with Phoenix, exclusively tells E! News.
Well, if that description is accurate, so would we...if we ever get to hear what he's talking about!
"He's accomplished just about everything anyone could accomplish as an artist," Shah-Tayler continued, hypothesizing why Phoenix's musical artistry may remain long lost.
"So coming out with a brilliant album of great music would not surprise anybody, and I think that's maybe why he didn't release it...And I think it's better to have some secrets, and I think Joaquin's secret is his prodigious music talent."

Shah-Tayler says that he met the Walk the Line star through Spacehog member Anthony Langdon (Liv Tyler's almost-ex-brother-in-law) and producer Alan McGee. Over the course of a couple of months in 2007, they recorded eight tracks, most of them at Phoenix's in-house recording studio at his L.A. home, Shah-Tayler says. Never mind what was to come, the musician tells us that Phoenix wasn't withdrawn at all, but was instead "bubbly" and "effervescent." And not only was he a crackerjack singer-songwriter, he apparently also produced the hell out of the album.
"He was one of the most demonstrative producers I've ever worked with," Shah-Tayler says.
"He would absolutely take you through the mental process of getting through it. Brilliant. He got exactly what he wanted and he got some of the best work out of me, as a pianist, that I have ever performed."
As for Phoenix's hip-hop aspirations, Shah-Tayler believes "he's quite capable of whatever he turns his hand to...Whatever it is, it will be genius, because I think he's close to genius."
We shall see. A rep for Phoenix's pal Casey Affleck told E! News last week that the documentary he was shooting about his friend's foray into hip-hop is now in postproduction.

San Gabriel Valley Press interview

Julian Shah-Tayler honors a muse with EP

By Michelle J. Mills Staff Writer
Posted: 12/31/2009 04:03:23 PM PST

Los Angeles musician Julian Shah-Tayler recently took a break from working on his next album to create a tribute to his friend, Christine Shroy-Hull.
"We used to talk about things and I used to write songs that she would encourage," said Shah-Tayler, who often performs locally at the Old Town Pub in Pasadena.
"I would play her the songs and she would give feedback."
When Shroy-Hull, who lived in Pennsylvania, died of a heroin overdose in September, her family wrote to Shah-Tayler asking him to release a song he had written for her.
He finessed the composition and then decided to release the six-track EP, "Un Ange Passe" (Impossible Things Records), in her honor today.
The effort features other tunes Shroy-Hull inspired or enjoyed, as well as a photo of her on its cover.
Shah-Tayler has produced for and performed with artists such as Siobhan Fahley (Bananarama), Courtney Love, Joaquin Phoenix, Whitey, drinkme, Bunny, Piel and more.
His music has been heard on "The Sopranos" and on the Discovery Channel.
He also played on the soundtracks of "Penelope," featuring Christina Ricci, and "The Golden Age," with Cate Blanchett.
Shah-Tayler has a wide-reaching repertoire, which includes singer/songwriter selections to danceable songs invoking a London new-wave feel.

"My music is influenced by all different areas of music today,"
Shah-Tayler said.
"I'm classically trained, so that's constantly in the back of my head, but I also [Wetter] have an avant garde approach to what I want to do with melody and what I want to do with chords.
I really want to make something that's not comfortable to begin with."

Shah-Tayler grew up in England. His mother originally wanted to be an opera singer, but set her dream aside to care for him.
His grandmother was a music teacher, who taught Shah-Tayler piano and encouraged him to learn the trumpet.
He also sang in school choir and was singing professionally by age 7.
He continued his music studies in school, learning violin, viola, piano and church organ, while teaching himself guitar, flute and other instruments.
But at the university, Shah-Tayler majored in philosophy.

"I found the study of music, particularly classical music, a little bit wrong for the magic,"
Shah-Tayler said.
"When you're writing your own stuff, it's best not to have a series of rules nagging at the back of your head: I can't transition to that chord or I can't put that there. There are a lot of rules in classical music that you just have to abandon to be a writer in rock music today."

He is a prolific writer, penning 70-80 songs per year, all inspired by the people around him.

"I write so much that there's not really a process,"
he said.
"I've had a complete song come to me in my dreams and I've also sat down and thought of a bass line and then built something meticulously from the bass line or I've just heard a beat that I really want to merge something on to."
Shah-Tayler is collaborating with electronica artist Jason Air and is a member of the local band Adamandevil.
He also deejays at clubs across the nation, including the Key Club in Los Angeles, and runs the acoustic club, Standard Tunings, at the Standard Hotel in Los Angeles with Scott Fairbrother.
His next full-length effort, "Coito Ergo Sum," is scheduled for release in spring.

"All I want is people to enjoy the music," he said. "I don't expect to become a millionaire."

People can order a physical copy of "Un Ange Passe" directly from his Web site. For more information, visit

Breakthrough band interview

Your Music: Julian Shah-Taylor


Julian Shah-Taylor, self-producing artist, speaks with Breakthrough Band about his music and offers an inside look at the path he is trekking.

Breakthrough Band: How would you describe your music?

Julian Shah-Taylor: I would describe it as varied and informed by all sorts of different influences. I love all sorts of music from Classical to Avant Garde electronica and everything in between, so I like to reference as much as I can to make something beautiful that is unclassifiable. I would like it to be sensual and thoughtful.

BB: How do you produce your music?

JST: I record everything in my bedroom on a laptop and use one SM58 to mic everything from vocals to dulcimer/toy piano. I mix in Protools and play everything live, except for Arp Synths, which kind of play themselves!

BB: As a new artist, what was the biggest challenge that you have had to overcome?

JST: Distancing myself from what is expected of me from my previous bands. Also, getting trapped into a particular bracket. It is also impossible to find dedicated musicians who can put the time in that I would like.

BB: What is your favorite social networking or media web site and why?

JST: Facebook, because it is a lot more personal than the others.

BB: What advice do you have for others who are looking to start a band or market their music?

JST: Define your audience, target them, and mean it. Never do it for the wrong reasons…it is obvious and that comes through in the music.

Geekweek Review

Victor Ridaura review

Julian Shah-Tayler is an LA native that has paid his dues in the underground circle. He has played in such distinct bands as WHITEY
(co-writing the smash hit “Wrap It Up” - featured in “Whip It”, GTA4, and Sopranos) and his current band ADAMANDEVIL
perfecting his brand of Dance-Rock tunes, and pensive ballads.
Recently, I had the chance to see Julian’s show first hand and was astounded to see the amount of energy he brought to the stage.
The audience ate the whole thing up, particularly The Klaxon sounding, Louis XIV swaggering song called WETTER.
His debut solo EP “Un Ange Passe” will be released January 1st on iTunes via Impossible Records, and contains the very catchy, very danceable song,
BUT being as awesome as I am, you can get it NOW for free (or pay however you want) via this link: But heed my warning, all you music mavens out there, these songs are available for free only until January 1st... SO GET 'EM NOW!

LA 2Day one to watch

LA2Day mention

Julian Shah-Tayler decided to move to Los Angeles after playing the Avalon with his electronica band Whitey while supporting Peaches on tour.
Though playing electronica may have been fun, the versatile British musician and producer, who already has an extensive list of credits to his name, wanted his next project to resonate more emotionally.
Shah-Tayler, who cites John Lennon as his biggest influence, proceeded to record his first solo record, which will be released under the name Shah in March 2009. The guitarist/vocalist/bassist/keyboardist says he strived for variety with songs such as the sexy dance number, "Wetter," and the ballad "Beautiful World," to avoid being tied to one genre.
Shah will release the tracks currently on his website, on iTunes via his label, Impossible Things Records

View Julian Shah-Tayler's EPK

Mojophenia blog review

Not one ounce of an inflated ego detected with this Los Angeles based musician. Currently one half of Adamandevil, Julian Shah-Tayler`s expanding portfolio reads like a hipster`s who`s-who with collaborations and liaisons that many mainstream artists could only dream of.
In fact from reading Julian`s bio/credits, multi-instrumentalist, producer and DJ fit nicely within his sublime rock/electronic persona.
The forthcoming EP `Un Ange Passe` is currently on pre-release and leads with the hybrid electro/rock track `Wetter` while the elegant, slightly darker parts of the EP create a marvelled Bowie/John Foxx anecdote in a backdrop of current multi-Gigabyte technology.
Another stand out track is `Christine`, a personal lament for a lost friend, not at all bitter or despairing but a perfect celebration of life`s many characters.
An infectious solo release, metaphorically exciting and a few steps away from acclaimed success.

Boom Boom Chik blog review

Julian Shah-Tayler is a solo artist who writes, produces and performs all his own music.
He has produced and/or played guitar, bass and keyboards and sung in bands with Siobhan Fahey, Courtney Love, Joaquin Phoenix, Whitey, drinkme, Adamandevil, Bunny, Piel, Xerox, PFC and many more.
He is set to release his debut Solo EP, “Un Ange Passe” on Impossible Things Records.
The debut EP has a very special meaning to Julian as it is a dedication to his friend/muse Christine Shroy-Hull who passed in September of this year.
Almost All of the tracks on his EP are in some ways dedications to Christine for the inspiration she gave him.
He does this by crafting some indie-rock/electronic tracks that can go from upbeat dance party to moments of reflection on the things life throws at you.

Playing all the instruments on this EP, you can tell this guy has massive talent as a musician.
Be it the crazy guitar solos on “Wetter”, or the dark/ mysterious instruments played on “Communication”, he crafts songs that really invoke emotions within the listener. This guy has something going for him, and when his EP drops, I think people will start to notice.

The album will be available on January 1 st 2010 through all digital retailers. Also worth mentioning is that anyone that buys the special edition EP CD from the Impossible Things Records website will also get a bespoke recording for them by Julian.
It may be a specially recorded song, a live favorite, a version of a song from the EP or something else altogether, but guaranteed to be available to no-one else in the world.


Julian Shah-Tayler Un Ange Passe

Pick For The Day

Genre Alternative / Rock / Pop • Location Los Angeles, California United States • This Selection Has Six inventive tracks
"Christine" seems to stick in the Head.
"Everything Is You" Is more like a Early 70's track Blended with Today's Madness Vocals Are Excellent.
"Communication" Is filled with many sounds in the intro that intrigue the listener... Wonderful vocals fill the track.
"Wetter" is a wild track filled An Electro Beat and Great Mixing! I
Suggest listening to these tracks. • ∆
Click Here ∆
Final Comment The Production is Superior on this release of tracks.

Beehive Candy blog review

Julian Shah-Tayler is a solo artist who writes, produces and performs his own music.

His EP - "Un Ange Passe" (dedicated to the memory of Christine Shroy-Hull) is released on 1st January, 2010.
His debut album, “Coito Ergo Sum” is due for release spring 2010 on Impossible Thing Records.
Julian has played guitar in 'Whitey' co writing the smash hit “Wrap It Up” which has been featured in Whip It, GTA 4, Sopranos, Kyle XY and CSI Miami.
He has also played keys & sang with Siobhan Fahey (Shakespear’s Sister), and played keyboards & sang on Joaquin Phoenix’s solo album among others!

Having listened to a number of his his songs, I reckon he could well break through in 2010, which would be deserved as his song writing and performance is quite stunning.
The melodies and variety of styles he uses along with first class production have really gained my attention.
Beehive Candy Blog

Nerdy Frames: Julian Shah-Tayler Wetter EP – “Un Ange Passe” released 01/01/2010

. “Wetter is Massive, It will make (Julian) a star” – Alan McGee (Oasis/Primal Scream/My Bloody Valentine) “Very Impressed” – David J (Bauhaus/Love and Rockets)
Broadjam - 2 Number 1s – California and Alternative Rock
5 Garageband “tracks of the day”
Played guitar in “Whitey” – cowriting the smash hit “Wrap It Up” (heard in “Whip It”, GTA 4, Sopranos, Kyle XY and CSI Miami)
Played Keys/Sang with Siobhan Fahey (Shakespear’s Sister)
Played keyboards/sang on Joaquin Phoenix’s solo album,
Played guitar for Kerli (Island Def Jam)
Now releasing the debut solo EP “Un Ange Passe” in tribute to Christine Shroy-Hull who left us on the 6th September 2009 and features on the cover.
It will be released on iTunes , all download sites and special edition CD mail order via Impossible Things Records on 1st January 2010
Anyone that buys the special edition EP CD from the Impossible Things Records website will also get a bespoke recording for them by Julian.
It might be a specially recorded song, a live favourite, a version of a song from the EP or something else altogether, but guaranteed to be available to no-one else in the world (unless they upload it themselves.....
Ask for something specific, you might maybe perhaps perchance get it, but be careful what you wish for!!
It is currently available for pre-release download on the free/donation site via this link:

Recordapedia interview

Recordapedia: When did you first start singing and writing music?

Julian Shah-Tayler: I was singing when I was 5 in a choir in Harrogate, England and started writing my first song (a sacred christian Magnificat) when I was 8 intentioned for the choir to perform. First rock song I wrote was when I was 14, It was called "Rayn"

Recordapedia: What musicians/bands have influences your sound?

Julian Shah-Tayler: Prince, David Bowie, Radiohead, The Cure, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and so many others like Cocteau Twins to My Bloody Valentine and Debussy

Recordapedia: Any recent funny stories in the studio or getting ready for a show? Julian Shah-Tayler: Too many to go into here. Naked hotel corridor shenanigans, biting famous guitar players on the face, I guess you will have to wait for the autobiography... ;)

Recordapedia: What problems arose when recording your first demo? Could you give any advise to up and coming artists?

Julian Shah-Tayler: I did not really know what I was doing, how the song was going to turn out, had no concept of multitracking, I thought that writing a song intuitively would just throw up something special, did not take the time to finish off half baked ideas. What came out of it was a respectable curio, but nothing remarkable

Recordapedia: Are there any tricks or tips that you learned in the studio recently that would be useful for artists or engineers?

Julian Shah-Tayler: Experiment with the limitations of what you have and make them part of the sound. A useful idea is to be sure that imagination is foremost in your mind. Do not try to imitate other people's ideas in the recording process, but invent your own paradigm. Accumulated experience of good music/experience will give you good ears, not years of study in engineering school, although that can be good for recording technique. A healthy dose of ability coupled with imgination will steer you well

Recordapedia: Are there any products out right now that you cannot live without? If so, what is it and how has it helped you?

Julian Shah-Tayler: Protools is its own world. It is an enabler for great music and imaginative ideas Recordapedia: Are there any products out right now that you are not a fan of? If so, why should you stay away from it?

Julian Shah-Tayler: I have very little equipment, so my experience is pretty limited, and I would not downplay ANY music making medium, as if you CAN you WILL irrespective of tools...

Recordapedia: Any industry news that you want to comment on? If so, what is it and why do you think it is important to mention it?

Julian Shah-Tayler: Music sells less and less in the conventional sense, so don't look for a label anymore, take it into your own hands, get good, and get BUSINESS about music. If that means employing a manager to work with you, then do it. If no one wants to manage you, you just haven't earned it yet, baby!

Recordapedia: Where and When are your upcoming shows?

Julian Shah-Tayler: I am playing the Key Club on the 18th April, Bardot on the 2nd May and Moscow (Boardner's) on the 20th May

Do you have a new album coming out soon? When can we expect it?Any new influences on the album?

The album is out on the 22nd June. "Coito Ergo Sum" is its name. LA was a big influence on the way it has turned out.....

Recordapedia: Are you listening to any new bands?

Julian Shah-Tayler: Beatnik Jr, Mahi Gato and Adamandevil (of course!) Find out more:



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